Urbance is literally about forbidden hetero romance in a land where everyone is gay. evil gay overlords stoppin the hetero. the designs are gorgeous but be aware of what you’re potentially funding. Not saying funding it is that black and white either -it’s nice to see a cast that is primarily black, for instance, but every time Urbance info goes around I end up seeing people get disappointed when they learn the premise.

when I’m staring at a girl and she thinks I’m hating

but really I’m just gay





pls mom don’t hate me

The content of this comic is heartbreaking but the art style is kinda hilarious. Could you please tell me what to feel?

Actually me too, I find this heartbreaking and hilarous at the same time this is so weird.



Which is stronger… glass, sapphire, or a gorilla? | At-Bristol Science Centre

What’s the difference between gorilla glass & sapphire? Is glass a solid or a liquid? How is glass able to support the weight of a 32-stone gorilla? Join Ross as he explores the science of glass: http://youtu.be/jOK5p6OUXgc

I was walking around yesterday and I had sunglasses on — and I hate wearing sunglasses because I think it’s really pretentious, but it was sunny, so I wore sunglasses — and someone recognized me when I had sunglasses on! That was really scary, but I found it really cool as well, I was like, “Hey, you recognized my eyebrows! Yay!”

Cosima giving Sarah advice


so many potatoes in the world are waiting for me to eat them